Experience. Quality. Reliability.
Over 35 years of efficient and high quality services.

At Parkes Mechanical and Metals, Inc., typically known as Parkes, our mission is to be a customer focused company who strives to deliver the most efficient and highest quality services available. Employing the most dedicated, trained and safety conscious teams, we are able to provide superior quality to ensure maximum value for our customers, owners, employees and the community.

Founded in 1976, Parkes is focused on performing engineering, quality fabrication, design and installations for its commercial, institutional and industrial clients. Parkes has long since been recognized as one of the most reliable, honest and dependable contractors in the tri-state area. Parkes' philosophy and vision has always been to execute each job and individual task assignment, safely, on time and in an efficient and economical manner. With our advanced technology an dover 30 years experience, Parkes has received several safety, quality and excellence awards.

Parkes continues to utilize the talents of an exceptionally skilled workforce, advanced technology and well-established proven safety practices to remain a leader and an innovator in its industry. These work forces consist of Union Sheetmetal Workers, Pipefitters, Operators and Laborers.

Most any project consisting of metal, regardless of its size, can be found at Parkes. Some of these items include duct systems, stainless conveyors, process piping ventilation hoods and many, many more. Parkes also has the capabilities to perform all types of welding including x-ray welding. The shop is complete with two modern CNC Plasma cutting systems and field crews are well equipped with dependable welding machines, man-lifts, scissor lifts, articulating booms, boom trucks, etc...

Emphasis on safety and quality has been a tradition and an integral part of our philosophy since our founding here at Parkes. We pride ourselves with a safety and health program that will continually protect our employees from disabling injuries and illnesses, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the best experience of other operations similar to ours. Our goal is ZERO accidents and injuries and we will assist our employees in this goal through continual safety training.